Humans must build something they can rely on. A fundamental representation on earth that humans are aware of their unlimited potential and use it so those with the most limitations or the least potential become their greatest research to advance their cultural and architectural self-image and self-induction.

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w.i.p.@ 16.07.2020

Below Content is not correct (too dense to be information).

Company concepts were designed to dominate or persist – they produce a global feedback loop == cultural degradation, social disparity, empathic suppression normalization (no1isa0), the exothermic tendency renders life dead.

kea is just name for model how to transfer higher order logics /topos to design theory formulations / style classes and architectures. It should ease bidirectional integration of art to research and research to art significant. As well as enabling research about their interlink (requirements, dynamics, alternatives) to advance towards a higher cardinality of self-reference emulation an anticipatory system. (particle physical resemblence of symmetry break – chiral symmetry break as conceptual dynamic framework can be visualized as spin induced deformation of kinetic potential (of information). Hence, transcendent inversion function (nature) exhausts information particles

. Multipulating is defined as (co)synchronized aware manipulation of given problem and configuration states (system elements) to anticipate polypluration (automatic multiplikation of low-order systems as viral, rna, info., mass, complexity, obfuscation, time, space, strange matter, NP, ,.. – growth)

Mass carries info

High info causes mass to change properties (darkness = encrypted, the ‘dark momentum’ of any mass is cosynchro to its internal complexity inversion capacity..) ,

The structures behind DM are not MATTER, they are critical matter and nothing else matters. Our ability to measure reality gave us the obvious answer that future lays in the dark. But only until we bring light (and multiple variations of light) into the informational configurations of realitiy of higher order complexities that we are eons lacking behind. However they can be used to solve world saving problem for humans on earth 2020.

Multidomain exponential error-growth risk management as well as complex error propagation and (locally functional) cluster formation. requires immediate remod of most fundamental system layers. <which are not configured for polyparamteric input (unintentional software-brake principle) which they currenlty process nevertheless and shear into stress states and overload situations. These situations can span across any community, nation or identity concept.

At 2020 humans face one microbial enemy which they were aware of for years. Physiologic homeostasis prefers avoidance of initiative, if no obvious advantage of engagement is experienced. Due to neurotransmitter-dynamic, limited responsiblity for starting phase (variance of neurologic preconditions / sensitivity to sensory input (stress, joy) or memory (goal, trauma) and national (identity,..)) and complex sociocultural requirements for [self- to culture} to selfk)relation processes of subjective identity states – a clear picture on human nature or intention is obfuscated beyond darkness. As for humans, informational darkness crossed critical limits of mental sanity for any informed being of data 20 years ago.

functions can be anticipated and routed to container systems (that downsample friction at sensitive physical environments))

buffer zones install (firewalling,.. (firewall build through inject networks), waterwall concept

Idyware – Identity specific digital invoice (highly adapted software and modular (minimum) hardware setup, can provid einformation or djust sensory etc)

Synware action / rotation motion spintronics compatible robust designs

fast prototyping? spawn: hubs