This is both, the proposal for a job and the proposal of a system that establishes this job. We need conscious and advanced plans how to manage and develop human civilization in the future and present. Both starts with a radical approach to engineer everything different (informed) from the bottom up. I work on the formal and theoretical layer and hence require someone for the reality.engineer position. I propose to found the company architecture industries which will focus on generating and implementing meaningful and next-generation architectures. The current human infrastructure systems are well behind available information and disparity in culture, education, information and experience access will prevent a future which is life-friendly. The content of this domain will be available not before september as it is developed at thinkularity and is supposed to undergo peer-review before migration to here.

In order to optimize our progress we need a system which solves the current problems of hackathons and economics. Comparing strategies from UN, EU and WHO, xd4 appears substantially more advanced and detailed. As such it is not yet rendered into publicly undestandable and meaningful layouts.

The results of my work are to be found at https://thinkularity.com

We propose to advance human civilization setup by establishing active research hubs which live-stream experimental government, education, research and algorithm development. These nodes are to be connected via multiplex router.

For this, go to https://thinkularity.com/new/ and retreat to the overview in case of confusion/scepticism growth.

High compression background

The distinction to group and classify (and the theory to research and experiment) types of interactive and adaptive interface systems that use multivalent information stream-association and human local supervision of training has not been established. We introduce terminus for them as mindware and synware and sketch outlines for startups to reach both.

Controller Software and essential physical tech (orthesis, endothesis, tech-interfaces, neuralink) grouped as Synware. [synaptic processing/computation transformer]

Mindware is connect¬≤ system of life equipped with full interface and connection to build cosynchro matrix between human natural intelligence, synthetic intelligence and Artificial (dead) datastream – replicatorwaves (currently reffered to as ”artificial intelligence”).

Central intelligent cognitive information processing system between equipped lifeforms that multipulate (multi-scale manipulate) life-friendly environment we refer to as multipulator.

Communication between real and digital world – knowledge and action – research and emergency requires fluent digital trace of physical impacts of computation.

As human systems are not running with a long time intention embedded in their system designs (corporate models spawn from frontpull (existential endangering) instead of intentional object logistics and management from intelligence perspective. Neither capitalism nor socialism nor any other system that is human currently fulfills the role to be able to communicate between all living beings or openly (officially) intends to become such. However exactly that is required to synchronize information with world and with culture. Only this coordinated synchronization can re-enable culture to shape the world (look at 7 worldwonders – demand initiation of the first conscious and global-community made build of a world wonder. – difference to previous wonders is that undertaking is carried out without slavery, imprisonment, intransparency or economic barriers nor lack of participatory inclusion of individuals. A root system for humanity is necessary to guarantee equal starting conditions. Corona provides the first change that ability and knowledge are time identical (coordinating synchronizational). Systems are slowed down due to unforeseen cause – we can use this slowdown to spawn changes in the architectures (systems) of our world. Before we can consider terraforming as practical option, we must become able to intelligently coordinate a civilizatory system first. Without a good operating system, you cannot save anything. Without a stable architecture you cannot rely on anything. And without a language which is clear about safety, intelligence and whether biologic life should prevail (we think it should) there wont be a time-efficient approach to make the world less dangerous to exist on.

For individual participation we deploy strategy xd4. For stream management of polyparametric data and multimodel processing systems (such as brains) we advance syn- and mindware to idyware which has a high specifity and local functionality, low generality and should hence be researched on robust subjects.

²connect is a concept which refers to a meta-logic property of complex systems. Very rough, connect systems anticipate that current math is either complete or corret (logic). They synchronize solution attempts from both foundations and are hence at any time neither only complete or only correct. This ensemble motivates ternary logic. We currently work on advanced tetra-valent logic.